Why Religion Doesn't Matter and Finding the Spiritual You

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Published: 15th February 2013
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The History of You

About 13.7 billion years ago, the universe was in a very dense and premature state. It was sitting down enjoying itself. It had no worries, nowhere to go, only to float about in the nothingness of nothing before time and space.

All of a sudden it had an idea! It decided it wanted to be big! It wanted to be awesome!

So at that point it burst forth to create the "expanding" universe. Starting at a singular point the universe unraveled itself and to this day is still growing!

Anyways, this universe dude expanded and cooled, taking billions upon billions of years to form the stars and galaxies. The universe's good friend gravity helped with that. It drew together large clouds of elements and molecules together to form giant balls of plasma and fire. The once pompous, self-absorbed universe decided to scatter itself across space in all directions, leaving some energy here and some energy there, to make it all look evenly distributed.

Fast-forward about 8 billion years later and our sun formed. Our lovely sun happens to be a star if you know what I mean. A ball of light and energy is what I mean. Well there happens to be more than 300 sextillion stars in the universe so our sun is nothing special, just an average looking star doing what it does best. It fuses hydrogen together to form helium, releasing a great amount of energy and casting the benevolent rays of light we so love to bathe in. It doesn't ask for much either except that we excuse its sun flares every once in a while and that we protect our skin from its UV rays.

Well a little later, about half a billion years or so, our Earth decides to sprout up in order to soak up the sun's rays and whatnot. It loves the sun so much it decides to prance around it for the entirety of its life. Talk about clingy! Well the Earth twirls around the sun like a ballerina for a good billion years until it starts to get bored. So it decides to spice things up.

POOF! Up pops up some bacteria from the primordial soup. These simple bacteria (otherwise known as prokaryotes) were made to survive. They evolved into cells. Those cells evolved into multi-cellular life and simple animals sprang forth. Plants popped up. Insects, fish, and reptiles wanted to share the fun. Mammals, birds, and flowers eventually came about. Then there were the dinosaurs, life's way of teaching us that brain is always better than brawn.

Dragons are still being questioned but most likely were not real, sorry to say.

A bit later a giant rock from outer space waltzed in here thinking it was boss and wiped out most of the dinosaurs. Well, some animals survived and quite surely did some more evolving. They evolved through many branches until one branch developed into the species of homo-sapiens 500,000 years ago. Yes, the ones that poke their food with sticks.

Only recently did modern day humans develop, about 200,000 years ago to be approximate. A small window in the history of the universe when you look at it. Fast-forward to the present day and here you stand, an individual that took 13.7 billion years to materialize. What a trip!

Pretty crazy when you think about it.

A Diamond in the Rough

Reflecting back to the beginning of the universe there was nothing but a great thick mass of energy condensed into a singular point. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed so that same energy at the beginning of time is also the energy that constitutes our being today.

Me and you, every living thing, every piece of atom-mized matter in this world is made of the same energy as that dense, thick-set assemblage of energy filled goodness long ago. We were created from the same energy as the energy at the beginning of time and when we die the energy within us will take another form.

We were literally created from stardust. Stars are born, go through some catering courses, cook up some elements, and when they die they hurl their elements across the far reaches of the universe. It is these elements that have formed and created everything on this Earth. You and me, we are merely children of that light energy lying dormant 13.7 billion years ago.

Our bodies are made from stars. We are beings of light and energy.

And when you really think about it, life as we know it would not exist without stars. Without stars the universe would be a dark and desolate place. We wouldn't be able to stand on this piece of rock because it wouldn't be able to form. Your body made of flesh and bones wouldn't be able to materialize without the elements created by stars. There would be nothing but endless black.

And that's a bit scary.

We have come to worship the sun as our guiding beacon. We look to it to keep the darkness away. The fear of the unknown, the fear of disappearing from the world, the sun brings light when all is dark. So we strive to find the light, even in the darkest regions. When you strip most religions of dogma you realize that most religions seek to find the light. Everyone believes in a higher power whether they care to admit it or not. We look to the light as our savior.

We realized that stars will die and so will everything in this world. Even our beloved sun will die one day. Our shell of a body won't even register on the universe's timeline. You think eighty years is long? A million years isn't even close to the age of the universe! Everything is temporal and will last only a fraction on the space-time continuum. Nothing persists.

But that's okay. It's fact. Everything dies. There's nothing you can do to stop it. It's inevitable.

So why worry? If it's going to happen without a doubt why is there still the fear of dying? Because one doesn't realize what one doesn't accept. We don't want to disappear.

You don't need religion to tell you how to live your life. You don't need religion to tell you things are going to be alright after you die. You don't have to give others your power to decide what you want to do and how you perceive things.The fact stands that you are a child of light. You are an independent individual with your own free will and your own conscious mind.

So use it right.

Religion is for the Weak

I'm not trying to say it in a bad way but it's true. Religion lowers your consciousness. If you aren't willing to go out there and find your own purpose in life then no high priest can help you either. Religion is for the needy that haven't any faith without instructions to follow. It is for those that don't trust themselves enough to live moral and ethical lives on their own. It is for those who can't find the light within themselves independently.

All religions are facets to the divine light. No religion is wrong just as no religion is right, they merely stand as different angles of the truth, with each religion deviating from others due to the societal habits of people.

People have changed the truth multiple times, sometimes for better but more so for the worse. Religion will tell you "You are a child of God, but you have to do all the things on his checklist before you may enter his humble abode." Religion tries to give you a half-assed answer of the truth, the truth that you are a manifestation of light. Within you resides boundless courage, ingenuity, self-confidence, intellect, wisdom, and love. Most religions are afraid of telling you this because then you wouldn't have any need to follow religion.

Why put faith in an organization when faith can be found consciously through self-development and moral living? If you are reasonably intelligent you might come to realize that religion is a form of close-minded thinking. You aren't really opening up your spirituality, you are enclosing it in acts of obedience and programmed acceptance.

Some religions need your help!

"Hey guys, support your local church by giving us some money to show your love. Sweeten the pot a little won't you? After all, we did absolve you of all your sins, the least you can do is empty your wallet for eternal salvation."

Where do all of your donations go to anyhow? New candles? I don't think so. Your tax-free money is helping the church grow rich! Media has shown criminal activity in various religious groups and yet people let it go like a slap on the wrist! "Keep us clear of temptation, and save us from evil." Speak of the devil!

It's foolish to entangle yourself in a particular religion. You don't have to declare "I am a so and so" to look human. Don't label yourself a certain religion to show that you are a decent human being inside. You should use religion as a tool; to take and use wise beliefs and apply them to your life. By fixating yourself to a particular religion you are giving yourself only one way to think while closing all other doors of perception.

Many of the world's religions have massive followings. If religion is so bad why do people believe it? Because religion is a drug. It keeps you nice and warm and gives you the falsified feeling of "love". A lot of people need a clear and definite answer to some things. They can't sleep otherwise. They need the layman's guide to finding the light. They feast on religion like a narcotic to keep them safe and secure.

But still, if you are religious take a moment and look at your religion. I mean take a good, long look at it. Does it make sense? Is there anything being taught that sounds a teeny bit unusual? Some religions incorporate "holy text", or as I like to call it, mumbo-jumbo fiction with a point. If you aren't able to discern fantasy from reality then religion has done its job. Welcome to Sheeptown. Population, a lot.

The main problems existing in major organized religions is that most use three tactics to enslave your mind. The use of fear, the use of guilt, and the use of greed. Praising to a cow won't get you an appointment with God. Drinking wine isn't going to free you from your sins. Wearing a bunch of beads isn't going to impress the "Almighty One". Reading a book a thousand times isn't going to teach you to accept death. No one wants to die, but you can't stop it. A person in holy garments can't either. Your only option is to accept it.

You aren't a sheep. Don't look at religious leaders as authority figures. They are just like you and me. They aren't the voice of God. They are just like everyone else. They are afraid of being alone and they are afraid of dying. Any religion that makes use of fear, guilt, or greed is not a religion. It's a fabricated system of brainwash.

Look at Protestant faiths. The bible states that you are born a sinner. When you popped out of your mother's uterus you were automatically stamped with a giant SINNER across your forehead. How so? Who knows but your birth is a sign of EVIL. Welcome to Earth, aka modern hell. Live righteously and you might be able to avoid hell, aka hell 2.5. Dedicate your life to your faith and you might make it to heaven, aka Disneyland with endless shrimp cocktails. No wonder why Christianity is the world's most popular religion! There's a lot to lose and a lot to gain.

How will I know which religion is right for me? Hey! This religion looks good, it has weekly seminars! Wait, look at this other religion, this one promises 72 virgins. Hey this religion allows donations! If we donate a lot God will probably forgive us for that time we stepped on his blade of grass.

All religions are fundamentally the same. When boiled down religion is just philosophy to guide us to the light, through self-improvement and moral living. Religion is imperfect though. It is man made which means it has flaws. Almost always religion will eventually hurt you, judge you, or condemn you.

I'm not saying God isn't real but you don't need a bunch of falsified information to tell you what you should and shouldn't believe. Your beliefs are your own. Embrace them.

Awakening Your Spirituality

So what exactly is the difference between the spiritual and the religious? The religious "truths" hide crucial information. It is a means to have you wanting more. The spiritual truths are the answers you find yourself, through extensive development and the raising of consciousness. The spiritual you is free to pursue faith in your own accordance. No religion can tell you what to follow but you will use your reasoning and logic to incorporate good philosophy into your life.

The spiritual you is about empowering yourself with your own beliefs. You know what you are. A child of light. Light needs room and air to grow, trapping yourself in religion will snuff it out. You are looking for the light. Don't cloud your mind with unnecessary beliefs. Don't follow the paths of others due to fear or whatever other false motives. The truth isn't as easy as listening to someone preach, no one has all the answers. Dedicate yourself to the path of truth for no reason other than that the truth will set you free. Believe in your intuition and accept life for what it is.

Think for yourself. Discover the spiritual you. Free yourself of dogma. Free yourself of fear, guilt, and greed. Free yourself from self-rejection and limiting beliefs. Pursue your divinity through courage, ingenuity, self-confidence, intellect, wisdom, and love. Live on your own terms. Raise your level of consciousness and free your soul.

But of course the most important part of discovering your spirituality is to first know thyself.

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